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    Halaal Investment controlled investments

        The investor would have a choice of utilizing any of the three above options, but Halaal Investments would invest the investors’ money in the order of the money received from investors and in the order of projects available. For example, if person A invests $1,000.00, person B invests 10,000.00, and person C invests $100,000.00, and there are multiple projects. Project A costs $5,000.00, project B costs $20,000.00 and project C costs $50,000.00. Halaal Investments would first invest $1,000.00 from Person A and $4,000.00 from person B, and person B, would have $6,000.00 left over. Halaal Investments then puts the $6,000.00 into project B for person B, and uses $14,000.00 from person C for project B. Halaal Investments then invests $50,000 into project C from person C, with $34,000.00 left over in the account, which would sit in the account until the next opportunity arises.

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